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Request a quote
Whenever you are interested in a product from our catalogue and wish to make a request for a quote, you should access the product and click on the button Add to Quote. The product in question will automatically be included in the cart displayed in the menu bar. The number of products to be quoted, will be marked next to the cart. When all the products that you want to receive a quote, are added to the request, you should click the Request Quote button and will be forwarded to the page of your request. After completing the necessary fields and where we suggest that you register as a user of the site Pontomarc, just send your Request. If you do not find the product you want in our online catalog, do not hesitate to contact us that our commercials will search various solutions to meet your request. NOTE: the prices of the products presented online, are merely indicative, do not include values of printing (except for the products that indicate printing included), nor VAT at the rate in force. To obtain the best price for your order, please use the method described above.

Stock confirmation
All products are subject to stock confirmation. In reply to your request for a quote will always be the availability of the product(s). If the product is not in stock at the time of ordering, the commercial responsible will inform the new date of entry of the product in our warehouses. Or alternatively we will present a similar product under the same conditions that meets your order.

Delivery confirmation
As soon as the order is completed and ready for shipment or pickup at our premises, our logistics department will send an email confirming the pickup. Our orders are usually dispatched by courier to the address given at the time of ordering. We suggest that at the time of receipt of the order, the opening of the volume(s) be made in front of the courier of the transport company and be made the verification of its status. In case of any anomaly, you should refuse the order. Then, you should contact us through our email identifying the order number.

The samples are available depending on the type of product and its stock. The sample has an associated cost, which will be informed by the commercial responsible for your account. The order should always be made in writing, preferably by email to the commercial that accompanies your process. The shipping costs of the samples are 6€ + VAT.
Delivery time
The average delivery time is around 5 working days for catalogue products. However, there are product categories that can be extended by several factors: the creation of the product from scratch; high quantities or printing colours that require unusual treatment or drying. All deadlines may be adjusted by the urgency of delivery.

Complaints and returns
If for any reason there is no satisfaction with the order, our returns policy allows that, due to product deficiency or non-compliance with the intended material, there may be return of the goods, provided that the product(s) have not been used(s) and are in the original conditions, within a maximum period of 15 days. In the event of unavailability of supply, Pontomarc may supply the buyer with products whose quality and price are equivalent. The defective goods will be replaced as soon as possible or if the buyer wishes, alternatively, the value of the purchase within a maximum period of 30 days from the date of knowledge of the unavailability of the product. Products that include software must be returned with non-violated packaging. All complaints must be informed in writing, by email or by fax. For more information please contact us at the phone numbers indicated on our contact page.

After Sales
In case of dissatisfaction on the part of the buyer, you must send in writing an email to with a maximum period of 15 days after receiving the order without having made any use of it.
Print Types
In addition to the production from scratch of a wide range of products, printing is done in-house by Pontomarc on a wide range of techniques and media. We offer solutions and services in the area of printing: pad printing, silkscreen printing, stamping, laser engraving, thermogravures, embroidery, digital printing, all types of transfer, epoxy resin application, cuts, lamination and others. For each type of product, we always indicate the best type of printing to use described in the answer to the budget request.
File format
The ideal printing format will be a vector file, in CorelDraw or Illustrator drawing programs, with Pantone Solid Coted scale colors. If you do not have the requested formats, our graphic department will have to redesign the logos, which may delay the preparation of models and subsequent delivery of the order and depending on the complexity of the design, there may also be additional costs in the final budget. Whenever there are any doubts, please consult our graphic department and all the necessary information will be given so that we can produce prints with the highest quality.
Preview of the result
Before production and after approval of the budget by the buyer, a model is prepared by our graphic department with the guidelines received by the customer or proposing appropriate printing location / color for each product. There may be changes until the desired result is adjusted. Personalisation only progresses after written approval by the purchaser and is contractually binding on the production of the order.

Cost of printing
The values shown on the products on the Pontomarc website are merely indicative and do not include printing (except for products that indicate printing included), nor VAT at the rate in force. In order to obtain the best price for the product(s) you want, we suggest the request for quotation through our platform. The final prices are dependent on several factors: quantity, number of printing colors, delivery time or conditions and special campaigns, so we suggest contacting our sales department to find out all our proposals.
Order delivery
Orders may be picked up at our premises or sent to the address indicated by the customer by carrier. Goods over 75€ + VAT are free of charge in mainland Portugal. In the case of orders less than 75€ + VAT, the value of postage is 6€ + VAT and delivery is made from 9 am to 6 pm on the following business day. For the islands or other countries, the value will be calculated on a case by case basis, please contact us.
Terms of payment

The terms of payment of Pontomarc, is usually with advance payment after issuing Proforma Invoice or other terms previously agreed, at the time of order.

Methods of payment
Preferably by bank transfer, however it can be by check, cash or ATM reference. Bank details are provided at the bottom of Pontomarc's invoices. You should always consult the commercial responsible for your account and clarify any questions regarding payment.
Legal terms
The use of and access to the Pontomarc platform on the Internet is subject to the legislation in force and the set of rules that are described. Its use implies acceptance of these terms.
The user, by entering his data in any form on the Pontomarc website, authorises its use in accordance with the legal principles in force, the sending of information considered of interest by any of the means available for this purpose (e-mail, fax, mail, telephone).
Pontomarc undertakes never to transfer the information collected to third parties. Any abusive use by third parties who have access to it in an illegitimate manner is excluded.
Pontomarc guarantees all users access to all the files in which their data are located so that the information previously provided can be modified or deleted.
Pontomarc has its headquarters in Ribeirão, V.N. Famalicão (Portugal), and any type of legal action brought against it must be taken in a court of this District and in accordance with Portuguese law, regardless of the place of access of the user.
The use, reproduction, copying, total or partial redistribution of this information, whatever the purpose and medium(s) used, without the prior written permission of Pontomarc, is expressly prohibited.
The copyright of the information and tools contained in the Pontomarc website is your property and you hold the license to use them. Access to them does not imply, under any circumstances, the authorization for their reproduction and/or distribution without the prior written consent of Pontomarc.
The data contained in the Pontomarc website are merely informative and Pontomarc is not responsible for their accuracy. Pontomarc assumes no responsibility for any errors that may exist.
Pontomarc shall not be liable for any loss, direct or indirect, arising from the use of the information contained on its website.
The information available on the Pontomarc website is completely free of charge for its users and mere access to it does not create any kind of commercial or professional relationship between the users and Pontomarc.
The links that the Pontomarc website maintains and that allow the user to access the services of other entities.
Under no circumstances should you submit confidential, proprietary or other information that is not your property. The information sent to Pontomarc may be used without prior notice to the author.
The brands and product names used on the Pontomarc website are your property or registered trademarks of their respective companies.


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